The OASIS Open European Foundation is an affiliate of the OASIS Open, one of the most highly respected nonprofit organisations in the field of standardisation and open source development.  OASIS Open is valued for neutrality and fairness and for the quality and relevance of our standards, specifications, and code.

Private sector companies and public administrations from Europe and from all over the world all collaborate efficiently in OASIS Open. Our members include a wide range of public bodies as well as enterprises, ranging from micro-enterprises, through small and medium-size businesses, to large multinational corporations.

OASIS Open standards in Europe

OASIS standards and specifications have been used in some very large, highly visible initiatives in Europe. One example is the OASIS UBL standard, the most widely used standard for electronic invoices in Europe and internationally. Another is the OASIS AS4 standard, which is the basis of the European Commission’s eDelivery building block that is used in some of the world’s largest international data exchanges. This end-user adoption has increased the membership and participation in OASIS technical committees to further develop these standards.

OASIS has a well-established place on the EU’s high-level advisory committee, the Multi-Stakeholder Platform for EU ICT Standardisation (MSP). OASIS standards feature in the Rolling Plan for ICT standardisation and are routinely used in both the private and public sector throughout Europe.

Open source and open projects

Open source has become increasingly important as a complement or alternative to traditional standardisation. The Open Document Format for Office Applications was originally developed in Europe as a file format of open source office software and subsequently standardized at OASIS Open and in ISO. Today, OASIS Open is hosting open source work in areas like cyber security and blockchain. OASIS Open Europe aims to support open source initiatives that prefer to operate in Europe with European stakeholders under EU law.

Open Data

Open data is an emerging area of interest in the OASIS Open community, especially in Europe, due to Europe’s lead in areas such as data protection and its legislation. Like open standards, open data is a key contributor to the Digital Single Market that will benefit from new products and services based on data. Data is also a critical asset for future development of AI. OASIS Open Europe intends to position the OASIS Open community as a global player in the international data space area, leveraging its reputation in areas of security and privacy.


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